Happy 86th Birthday to Dot (my MOM)!

A very happy 86th birthday to Dot!

Today is Dot’s (my mother’s) 86th Birthday! This picture was taken two weeks ago. I don’t know if maybe I’m biased but I don’t think my mother looks 86 years old. She is an amazing character. Very, very smart and probably the most intelligent person you’ll ever, ever meet. She knows about everything. She is a perpetual student. Never stops learning about anything and all that she can. 
New Years Eve 2010
She has a great sense of humor as you can see by this photo taken New Years Eve in 2010. She’s wearing her old god-awful fox wrap from the 1960s! Eeekkkk!
Mom, five kids and our cousin Linda at my daughter Allison’s wedding 2009
She is mother to six children (my cousin Linda is pictured far left). My oldest brother Tim passed away several years ago. Pictured here at my daughter’s wedding is second from left my sister Barb, me, my brother Dana, my sister Mary, and my brother Tom. I am the youngest of the six kids!
Mom and my brother Dana dancing at my daughter Allison’s wedding
My sister-in-law Jody (married to my brother Tom), Mom, and my sister Barb 2005 in Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard
Dot and Jody touring around the Marion Massachusetts area
Dot and my hubby Michael sharing a Scorpion Bowl New Years Eve 2011
She still enjoys her libations! 
Dot with grandchildren on 80th Bday in 2006
My mother has 20 grandchildren. I’m sure at this point I probably would give a miscount if I even attempted to count the great-grandchildren. Suffice it to say there are many!!!
My daughter Allison with her grandmother on New Years Eve 2010
Her grandkids love their Nana!
Thanksgiving 2010 York Harbor Maine
She’s never afraid to be foolish! Even in public!
Pic from 1984
She really hasn’t changed a whole lot over the years. She still pretty much looks the same and has aged very well.

This is her snotty, crotchety face! Yes she can be a little cranky at times but at her age she’s entitled!

So to Dot still wonderful after all these years a very Happy Birthday!

You are loved by many!