Of Interest – "The Pioneer Woman" – 6/16/12

I’ve decided that once a week I’m going to start sharing my favorite blogs that I follow from other bloggers. There are a number of incredibly wonderful blogs out there and they provide a wealth of information. You’ll find a pattern in all the blogs I follow in that they are very visually stimulating. I find there has to be as much if not more photos in the blog to pacify my optical needs! Whenever possible I sign up to have the blog posts emailed to me so I don’t have to go hunt and check for the updates. It makes it so convenient to stay in touch!

6/16/12 – “The Pioneer Woman”
I really am not even sure where to begin when describing “The Pioneer Woman” blog. Yes I know it says “Woman” in the title but don’t let that totally turn off all the men out there. I find that on this blog page there are so many interesting and diverse topics covered there is plenty enough there to intrigue men. This blog focuses upon rural life, and getting back in touch with the basic and simple things in life. Good, wholesome cooking like grandma used to make. The decorating of her house inside and out that just welcomes and comforts you! Vegetable gardening. Ree and her husband are currently rehabbing a big old beautiful building. I’m not quite sure what the ultimate purpose of the building will be. Possibly a shop to sell some of her goodies. Ree refers to her husband as “Marlboro Man”. Pioneer Woman even appears on the Food Network. She recently published a new cookbook. Some of her scrumptious recipes with wonderful pictures appear of the blog. I can go on and on. But if you visit her site you will see for yourself. Here is one of her posts from May…

Maybe Later

Posted by Ree in Design

This is the back side of the house where I live with my beloved and our four little pookie bears. The siding on the left—the more weathered gray wood—has been on the house for ages and ages, pretty much since my husband was a little pookie bear himself.

Last year, we had to replace the three large vertical windows on the far right. The old windows were kaput anyway, but then a hailstorm came along and put the final nail in their coffin. Problem was, when the guys went to install the windows, they found that the boards surrounding them were rotted out because, well, the windows were kaput and had let in water. So we wound up having to replace all the cedar siding on that small section of the house. I was amazed at how beautiful the siding looked—that was exactly how the older siding looked when it was installed decades ago. So we decided to put a clear sealer on it so it would retain that lovely color, thinking maybe we’d want to replace the siding on the rest of the house.
But then we realized there’s nothing wrong with the old gray boards on the rest of the house. They’re not kaput at all. They just don’t look as young and vibrant as they used to.
Hmmph. Join the club!
Then I started working on the stairs with the lovely Layla. (I should have an update soon.)
Then Marlboro Man and I started working on the old building in town.
Then we got busy doing 49,000 other things.

Then we decided we don’t need to replace the old gray siding on our house. It’s perfectly good siding even if it has lost its luster.

And who cares if it doesn’t match the new stuff? It’s not like we have any drive-by traffic, anyway!
And even if we did, maybe they’d think the two different colors was intentional!
Anyway, my point is that we’re not replacing the siding now.
Maybe we will later. Maybe not.

I’m so glad we had this talk