Our Word View – Word of the Week = SUMMER

Sunday posting – A collaborative BLOG between two friends (me and my friend Barbara Pagnotti) who’s paths were separated for 20 years and have found one another once again online. Both share a love of the ocean, nature and of course photography! A fondness for inspirational sayings has sparked this project. Each Sunday we will post the “WORD OF THE WEEK” and our individual interpretation of the word via two separate photos on our blog “OUR WORD VIEW”! Join our FLICKR group and add your photo interpretation of the word and join in the discussion! Our Word View – FLICKR Group

For me this particular summer represents much change in my husband, our children’s lives and mine. My daughter and her husband are expecting their first child the end of July. Our son and his girlfriend are expecting their daughter the beginning of August. We are going to become grandparents and both our children will become parents. A huge transitional summer for all of us! My husband Michael and I are extremely excited. And truthfully at this point now that it is less than two months away I am chomping at the bit to hold some babies! I have been stocking up on baby things for the kids! Oh my gosh some of the outfits they have now a days are so adorable! I get so excited looking at them! Ridiculous I know! Wow it has been so many years. Things have changed quite a bit since my kids were little. The contraptions they have come up with in just 25 years to make things easier. Some of them are amazing! It seems shocking now that both our kids are old enough to be parents. I can’t believe that time has gone by that fast. Now that I look back it all seems to be such a blur! But the next two months can’t pass fast enough as far as I’m concerned! What a summer this will be! Yippee!

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