Of Interest – URBAN MUSER – Blog of the Week

I’ve decided that once a week I’m going to start sharing my favorite blogs that I follow from other bloggers. These collective posts will be saved on my page “Of Interest” in case you want to check back there later for reference purposes. There are a number of incredibly wonderful blogs out there and they provide a wealth of information. You’ll find a pattern in all the blogs I follow in that they are very visually stimulating. I find there has to be as much if not more photos in the blog to pacify my optical needs! Whenever possible I sign up to have the blog posts emailed to me so I don’t have to go hunt and check for the updates. It makes it so convenient to stay in touch!


This weeks Blog of the week is Urban Muser. This is the blog in which I am actually participating in the weekly self portrait project called In The Picture. Truthfully I have been having a good time with this. Before I began this trek I never, ever took pictures of myself. This has been a real freeing experience. I encourage everyone to participate in an online group like this. It is so much fun and you meet some of the most wonderful people in doing it!

Back to Urban Muser. Christy lives in New York City and she posts some of the most fantastic shots from in and around the city. Her images are sometimes retro and other times raw. I just plain love them. She participates in several other collaborative online projects all of which can be found on her home page. 

Here is a sampling of her work from her 5/30/12 post. Stop by and visit Urban Muser. Her perspective of NYC will give you a whole new view of the city!


black & white city

It’s a crazy week at work so forgive me if I haven’t visited you in a bit. I promise to come around again very soon! In the meantime, B is for black & white over at Me & You 52 this week. If you like to shoot with your mobile phone, maybe you’ll decide to join us!

This first one was taken in Central Park with my favorite iPhone black & white app, 6×6…

These others were also taken with 6×6, but I added a filter when I ran them through Instagram…

Have a beautiful day everyone! I’ll be back on Friday to announce our self-portrait theme for June for our {In The Picture} project!