Monday Memories – 5/28/12

Monday Memories
Looking Back at the past week…×14-fine-art
1) I wish….. I didn’t have a migraine at the moment but unfortunately I do. I think it’s from all the mulch I spread!
2) I made….. an awesome dessert this weekend. Pound cake slices on the grill, honey drizzled on each slice, mixed berries on top, finished with whip cream! Delish and so easy!×14?ref=v1_other_2
3) My dogs….. went swimming in the pool this weekend!
4) I’m grateful….. the weather was sunny all weekend and I could finish up all our yard work. The yard is looking fantastic if I do say so myself!

Entrance to Faneuil Hall Boston
5) To get….. my yard ready for summer we mulched all the beds this weekend and I planted my flower boxes.
6) My husband….. planted his vegetable garden. It looks great!×14-black?ref=v1_other_1
7) I was….. so hot yesterday after mulching the beds I went swimming in our pool! It was a little chilly at 74 degrees but very refreshing at the same time!
8) I have….. the rest of this week off for vacation!

Faneuil Hall Boston
9) I spent….. Saturday night with my son, his girlfriend Becky and their dog Mav. What a cutie!
10) I took….. time to actually read my book this weekend. What a treat!
And I look forward to….. spending some time with my Mom Dot and maybe my daughter.