Of Interest – POSH by Lacie Powell – Blog of the Week

I’ve decided that once a week I’m going to start sharing my favorite blogs that I follow from other bloggers. These collective posts will be saved on my page “Of Interest” in case you want to check back there later for reference purposes. There are a number of incredibly wonderful blogs out there and they provide a wealth of information. You’ll find a pattern in all the blogs I follow in that they are very visually stimulating. I find there has to be as much if not more photos in the blog to pacify my optical needs! Whenever possible I sign up to have the blog posts emailed to me so I don’t have to go hunt and check for the updates. It makes it so convenient to stay in touch!

5/26/12 POSH by Lacie Powell
This week I am highlighting POSH by Lacie Powell! If you love to entertain, dress nice, wear makeup etc. this is the blog for you. Lacie has the most wonderful ideas for entertaining. Most definitely a visually stimulating blog. I love, love, love her ideas for throwing parties! Fortunately for me she has thrown some showers lately i.e. bridal or baby showers… of which I am throwing one in a couple of weeks. She has the best little details that make a party perfect. Lacie also shows you her favorite latest and greatest fashion choices (shoes… a favorite… although I have had to say goodbye to high heels I still love to drool over them). And of course make-up that she has had success with herself. 

Lacie also includes you in her life with glimpses of her home, hubby and childhood. Congrats to her and her husband as they are now expecting their first child!

So take a gander and if you like what you see sign up for her emails. I know I look forward to them!

Here is a sampling from Lacie’s baby shower post… 


styled: parisian baby shower

At last…the big reveal! You’ve seen the invite and you’ve seen the gift–now finally, some shots from the fab soiree celebrating Mama Ash and her sweet baby girl!  Presenting…A PARISIAN BABY SHOWER!

To see lots more pics and details, head over to my POSH Facebook page! (And “LIKE” me while you’re there why dontcha?!)