OUR WORD VIEW – Word of the Week = GROWING

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Pink Clematis

Truthfully I think I could have gone one of two ways with this word. Post a picture of flowers from my garden, as I did. Or I could have posted a picture of the profile of Allison or Becky both pregnant and carrying my first grandchildren! The flowers won out! (You can see pics of the pregnant bellies from my Mother’s Day post!) 

It is ridiculous that every single spring and summer I get so excited to see the exact same flowers grow year after year in my gardens. Why should I be so surprised and amazed as they come up? But I guess when you are a gardener at heart you have an incredible appreciation of the true beauty and uniqueness of each different flower! I am always awed by the nuances in their colors, the petals and the shapes. I love to see which flowers have reseeded them selves and where they may pop-up! It ‘s always a pleasant surprise. I love how each year my flowerbeds grow thicker and fuller as the flowers fill in and multiply! Every single day I go out and look at my gardens to see what has bloomed, is ready to bloom and how much all the plants have grown over night! Yes I know ridiculous but it happens to me every year. It’s as if my mind gets taken over by an alien being that is consumed by gardening. You may notice my blog postings contain many more pictures of flowers from this time of year through the fall! As each flower blooms and comes forth as I said I am amazed and just assume everyone else should be too! In reality I know you all are not!

And so as spring is now fully upon us my flowers are beginning to bloom. And one sure sign is the hot Pink Clematis above. 

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