It’s a Dogs Life – Harry, Brady, Virgil

Harry & Brady “Always best buds” Holding paws!
On Sunday when we spent the day at my daughter and son-in-law’s house our two dogs Brady our yellow lab and Virgil our pug got to play with Harry their chocolate lab. Harry is four years old and Brady is three years old. We got Brady from the same breeder as Harry because Harry was such a good looking and wonderful dog. 
Still holding paws!

No matter how much time passes between visits Harry and Brady immediately gravitate to one another. They are best buds! Poor Virgil just goes to the wayside as far as the two labs are concerned. He almost doesn’t exist. 

Harry & Virgil “Hey that’s my water bowl!”

They are never mean to Virgil they just really don’t pay much attention to him when they all get together.  Virgil runs around and tries to keep up but his little legs are no match for the height and speed of Brady & Harry. 

Virgil smiling

Still it is always wonderful to see that they can get together and there is no fighting. Love these dogs. They are the best!