Monday Memories – 5/14/12 – Mother’s Day

Momma to be cooking Mother’s Day Breakfast

1) I wish….. I had one more day off this weekend because I was very busy both days. AlI good things but I had no down time!

2) I made….. plans with Bob, Becky and hubby to go into Boston next Saturday night for dinner.

Daughter Allison Profile Shot due in July
3) My dogs….. are recouperating after playing with their cousin Harry this weekend!
4) I’m grateful….. to have a daughter who is such a wonderful cook.
Son Rob & Girlfriend Becky due in August

5) To get….. the house ready for summer we opened the pool this weekend and it was lime green.

6) My husband….. pampered me on Mother’s Day. He did all the laundry and cooked me dinner and did dishes!
Becky and Virgil

7) I was….. very upset the part we needed to repair our hot tub did not work! So we have to order another one! I miss my nighttime soaks. I am going into withdrawal!

8) I have a feeling….. I am going to be very, very busy at work for the next couple of weeks.
Brother and Sister 
9) I spent….. Saturday night in the backyard having an impromptu cookout with my son, Becky and husband! We had a blast and the first fire of the year!
10) I took….. time to wash my kitchen and bathroom floors with my new steam mop! I love that thing it is fantastic!
Hubby and son
And I look forward to….. two grandbabies being born! I am getting very, very excited!
Dot – my Mom
Sister Mary
Hubby Mike
Mother’s Day Cake
Beginnings of Mother’s Day Breakfast