Onset Massachusetts

Onset Harbor Massachusetts
There is a little surprise of a Town on the North side of Buzzards Bay by the name of “ONSET”. To get to it you must either drive through Buzzards Bay and drive over a bridge or drive through Wareham, down a road and over a bridge. 
Onset Marina Massachusetts
Once you arrive it is such a beautiful area. Onset is reminiscent of Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard. Small cottages tucked closely together with a smattering of large old Victorian homes dotted in between. It really is a gorgeous area. 
It’s a perfect place to walk or bike if you are fortunate to live in the area. Not to mention it is surrounded by a multitude of little bays in which you can put a boat to head out to the ocean.
Onset Bench and Lamp

If you have never seen ONSET, pull out your map book and hunt it down for a day trip. Really a very pretty area!