One Man’s Weed is Another Person’s Wildfower

As a gardener we are taught there are certain plants that are weeds and not worthy of the garden. These three images are macro shots of a dandelion. I myself find these pictures worthy of framing and hanging on a wall.  In my garden I have a number of plants that could be Wildflowers but are more likely weeds. Yet I leave them as I find them beautiful. 

One weed in fact I’m sure is a form of Crabgrass. The base of it sure looks like Crabgrass but it sends up shoots approximately 12” high. Generally there are two or three with yellow flowers on the end of each. Every night the flowers close and during the day they open. The flowers themselves are bigger than a Dandelion head and sort of resemble a Daisy. I’m sure I should pull them out but truthfully I kind of like the look of the flower. They only last for about two weeks and once the bloom goes by I cut them back to the ground. 

One man’s weed is another person’s wildflower or so I like to think. And so my garden of Wildflowers may in fact be a garden full of weeds!