In The Picture – Self Portrait Project – Theme #4 "Shake It Out"

On Friday’s I am participating in a project with my Blogger friend “Urban Muser” and other participants in which each month we post different self portraits. The project is called “In The Picture”. We set our own personal goal for the number of pictures within a year we are going to take. I am aiming for “52” or “1” per week. She will post a new area of the body, subject or theme to focus on the first Friday of each month and then we Link up our pictures with everyone else on the last Friday of the each month. This will be a challenge and fun as I find taking a picture of myself has always been uncomfortable! Anyone else who might feel inclined to join the project (it’s free) can go to the following link for details: Urban Muser Blog – “In The Picture”

APRIL 2012 – THEME #4 – “SHAKE IT OUT” Influenced by the song by “Florence & the Machine”.  Any kind of movement will do!

I know the theme for this month is to “Shake It Out” but I am so busy trying to catch up on work I just don’t have the time to stage an elaborate photo for the theme. So here I was working and thinking what am I going to do for my self portrait and I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool to get a Macro shot of my eyeball?” Well here it is. But what I find even better is you can actually see the reflection of the lamp beside my sofa in my eyeball. You can see the long black post it is set on and the amber shade with the balls of fringe that hang from the bottom of it! Amazing!