Monday Memories – 4/16/12

Looking Back at the past week…
1) I wish I had….. more vacation time! I don’t want to go back to work on Monday. L

2) I made….. time for just myself over the weekend!

3) My dogs….. were so happy when we came home from St Maarten. They missed us!

4) I’m grateful….. my daughter lives near by & can come down & visit on occasion. She was down this weekend with her dog Harry!
5) To relax….. I slept in on Thursday, Friday & Sunday!

6) My husband….. caught up on his yard work this weekend.

7) I was happy….. I took Thursday & Friday off after returning from our vacation! I was especially glad after listening to my husband who worked both days and said he was so exhausted because he hadn’t!

8) I have a feeling….. I am going to be buried by work come Monday. Yikes!
9) I spent….. way too much time preparing my taxes & was not happy with the outcome! Yuck!

10) I took…..  sometime on Sunday & just soaked in the hot tub!

And I look forward to….. my next week’s vacation in 5 weeks!