Joie De Vivre

We’re back and what a phenomenal time we had on St Maarten. This was our third time to the Island and our first time staying on the French side. What a blast we had. We stayed on Orient Beach which is a partially nude beach and it taught me a very good lesson… we Americans are really up tight! I watched all these European women yes some had fantastic figures parade around topless and proud of their bodies yet the older women marched around just as proud and happy to flaunt their bodies. It didn’t matter if they were 300 lbs., or 70 and 80 yrs old they too paraded around topless and were enjoying their lives. These people were tanned to the darkest ebony and not worried in the least about skin cancer! They were smoking like fiends! It’s so ironic that at the same time I happen to be reading a novel that referenced the french and had a young french woman (60 yrs old) dying of cancer. Her sons who were living in America were furious that she hadn’t spent the last year getting experimental treatment to try and prolong her life. Her belief was that Americans spend so much time worrying about prolonging their lives that they forget how to really live their lives while the french know that dying is inevitable so as the saying goes “Joie de vivre!” – “The hearty or carefree enjoyment of life!“. Well let me tell you I witnessed that first hand this week! Now mind you I’m not going to take up smoking again but I am going to rethink how I conduct my daily life! First thing I’m going to do is quit my job, sell my house and move to St Maarten! Just kidding!!!