11 Random Things About Me & Questions for Me from Susan

Old Orchard Beach Pier, Maine

I am once again participating in a project and as part of that project I must tell 11 random things about myself then post and answer the questions that another blogger has asked of me. Then I need to invite other blogger friends to participate.

11 Random Things About Me;

1. I have an alter ego I am a Vice President and Portfolio Manager in Commercial Lending at a large Commercial Bank.

2. I have worked for the Bank for 34 years.

3. I plan on retiring in 3 years at age 55.

4. I belong to an International Public Speaking Club.

5. I served as President of the local chapter last year from 7/10 through 7/11.

6. I have won numerous Speech Contests.

7. I have earned Advanced Communication and Advanced Leadership Awards.

8. I am the youngest of six children and my oldest brother passed away a number of years ago.

9. I have a HUGE and I mean HUGE extended family.

10. I never have enough time with my extended family and love the time I do spend with them all.

 Pier, Old Orchard Beach Maine

Questions for Me from Daily Life Stuff Blog …

1.  What character from a novel do you most identify with and why?

I always love reading books about strong, historical, persuasive women. Approximately 20 years ago I read a book about Catherine the Great of Russia. I was so impressed by what she overcame and what she did for her country. Because I have never forgotten her I would say that is what I most identify with! Her strength and overcoming the odds to become a powerful, persuasive woman! 

2.  If you could play any part in a broadway musical, what would it be?

Back in the 70s I remember seeing the movie “Jesus Christ Superstar” with Ted Neeley. I fell in love with him… or you could say I fell in love with Jesus Christ! I also fell in love with the music! My husband and I saw the musical again approximately three years ago. The songs were just as good as in the 70s! I would say I would love to sing the songs that Mary Magdelan sang in the play because they were so moving and emotional! Not that I can sing mind you! 

3.  If you could have any profession (other than your current one) what would it be and why?

Photography #1. My second love would be to bake. I love baking. Not cooking… just baking! Of course I would be the size of a house because I love sweets so much and of course I would sample a large percentage of everything I made!

4.  Do you have a favorite recipe that has been handed down through your family that you still make today?

Yes… my mother’s Brownie recipe!

5.  Are you a city person or a country person?

Without question a country person. I need space around me. I need to see the stars at night. I love having a big, huge, back yard with tons of privacy. The city is a wonderful place to visit but I have no desire to live there.

6.  Do you play a musical instrument?  If not, is there one that you would like to learn to play?

I played the piano until I was about 18. I have lost the knack for it unfortunately but always enjoyed playing it! 

7.  What is your favorite movie of all time?

I love “Under The Tuscan Sun”. I love the Italian countryside. I love the house. I love the story line. I love everything about it!

8.  If you watch television, what is the one show that you watch religiously?

“The Bachelor” I know, I know call me corny but I am a romantic at heart and like to believe that these relationships will work out in the end!

9.  If you could own any piece of art from a famous artist, what would it be?

Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies (The Clouds)” Love it! Love all his “Water Lily paintings!

10.  How do you de-stress?

I soak in my hot tub! Love, love, love my hot tub, outside of course! There is nothing better than lying outside in the dark, under the stars on a cold, cold night or even in a snow storm! Absolutely wonderful!

11.  What is your favorite season of the year and why?

I love fall! Living in New England it is absolutely magical and beautiful here in the Fall! It’s the best time of year. The colors of the trees are unequaled. The temperatures are perfect! The tourists are gone! Just perfect and particularly on Cape Cod!

Old Orchard Beach, Maine
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