Butchart Gardens, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

In May 2010 my two cousins, my daughter and myself took a weeklong trip to Vancouver, British Columbia Canada to visit my older sister Barbara. I had never been to Vancouver before and found it to be absolutely breath taking. In May all the flowers are in bloom. 

One of our day trips was to take a boat ride out to Victoria to visit the famous Butchart Gardens. Now let me just back track a little… when I’m at home, on a routine basis, my mother and I attend garden tours all over Cape Cod, Rhode Island and Boston. I can truthfully tell you I have never in my life seen anything like the Butchart Gardens! Breathtaking wouldn’t even begin to describe them! There is the garden built in an old rock quarry, the rose garden, the tulips, the Japanese Garden, even more and a maze. 

It’s such an incredible place to visit! Such beauty in one location is astounding! If you ever have the opportunity to go to the Vancouver area make a point to spend a day on the Island of Victoria and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer!