Monday Memories 3/19/12

Looking back at the past week…
1) I wish I had….. been able to go to my co-workers mother’s wake.
2) I made….. Jag a Portuguese dish.
3) My dogs….. went on a long walk with me and my husband at the beach today.

4) I’m grateful….. I live close enough to the ocean to do this anytime.
5) To relax….. I laid on the couch and read some magazines.
6) My husband….. is doing dinner dishes!
7) I was happy….. to find out one of my Grandchildren due this summer will be a girl!

8) I have a feeling….. we will be able to put the wood stove stuff away very soon!
9) I spent….. a lot of money on grocery’s.
10) I took….. time to go to the doctor’s this week.
And I look forward to….. St. Maarten’s in a couple of weeks.