More Delightful Plymouth Massachusetts

Yes again I am showing various shots of Plymouth Massachusetts. That’s because there are so many very beautiful old buildings and lovely spots in Plymouth. For instance the above row of Brownstone apartments they are something you would find in downtown Boston and yet here they are on a corner in Plymouth Massachusetts. I find them absolutely gorgeous and would love to have an apartment in one!

Plymouth Memorial Hall on Main Street hosts many local events and concerts. Truly a special place for this Town.
Across the street from Memorial Hall is a beautiful old Church standing quite majestic. 

This gorgeous mansion is down near Plymouth Rock and although I have never toured it I find it truly intriguing. I would love to know its history.

This ship captain’s house is directly across from the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock Memorial and just below the above mansion. It exemplifies what old New England stands forl

Just proof positive that Plymouth Massachusetts continues to be a beautiful spot to visit!