Monday Memories – 3/12/12

Looking Back at the past week…

1) I wish I had….. spent more time outside.

2) I made….. a decision to give up sweets.

3) My dogs….. traveled the Cape with us.

4) I’m grateful….. we turned the clocks forward Saturday night.

5) To relax….. I slept in very late Sunday morning.

6) My husband….. and I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast out on Sunday morning.

7) I was happy….. I caved on giving up the sweets because I was miserable.

8) I have a feeling of accomplishment….. I at least made it one and a 1/2 days without sweets.

9) I spent too much….. time bundled up inside for my liking.

10) I took time to….. massage, pet and love my dogs!

And I look forward to….. finding out the sex of one of my grandchildren this week due to be born this summer!