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3/11/12 Word of the Week = SERENDIPITOUS
Each week Barbara and I take turns picking the “Word of the Week”. Well this week it was my turn and I chose the word last weekend. For some reason this word “Serendipitous” kept popping into my head. Truth be told I really didn’t even know the definition of the word. I had to actually look it up in the dictionary before I decided what would be an appropriate picture or subject to post. The definition is; chance, accidental, coincidental, lucky, fluky, fortuitous; unexpected, unforeseen.

This could not apply more to our pug Virgil. Let me tell you his story. We rescued Virgil last September. My husband and I already had a 3-year-old yellow lab “Brady” and had previously had two dogs prior to him. We had decided we never wanted two dogs again. We felt they are too much work, are too expensive and there is too much jealousy between them. 

Last September my daughter and her husband came down to visit with their dog Harry (a chocolate lab) so we could take the two dogs to a “Dog Fair” at the next town over. The Fair had all kinds of little exhibits and events for the dogs to take part in. While we were there we ran into an old friend of ours who used to have a Pug. We asked her how her dog was doing and she told us it had passed away. She said instead of getting another dog she was now doing “Pug Rescues” and she happen to have 3 with her that day. I have never really been attracted to Pugs. I’ve always been a big dog person. We certainly were not in the market for a second dog. We were very happy with our one dog family. So while my husband continued to talk to our friend I ventured over to the pen that held the three pugs. There were two that came running forward right away. There was a third, little one that just sat very quietly over on the edge. I looked at him and he looked at me with the sweetest little face. I started to talk to the boy standing there watching over the dogs and asked him some questions. I then asked if I could pick up the little pug. The dog was boney, covered in eczema, filthy dirty and his nails were disgustingly long. But when I picked him up there was something about him that just screamed LOVE! I held him and he nuzzled me and that was it! I asked the boy some further questions about his temperament. I then walked over to my husband and friend, with dog in arms and said, “I am adopting this dog!” My husband said “No you’re not!” I said “I am adopting this dog!” and the rest is history. 

Because our friend knows us and where we live she let us take him home that day. She gave us his medical history and print out from her vet. We left and immediately took him to get his nails trimmed and gave him a flea and oatmeal bath. We then had our vet check him out. Fortunately he had no serious physical problems. Over the next couple of months his eczema completely cleared up. We got his nails back to a normal length by having them trimmed every three weeks and he has plumped up. 

He snorts and snores. He snuggles and licks. He’s partly blind and deaf. But he is an incredible love and it is the best thing that we have ever done. Oh… and my husband is now thrilled we brought him home! It was totally FORTUITOUS, LUCKY, ACCIDENTAL, BY CHANCE, TOTALLY FLUKY, UNEXPECTED AND UNFORESEEN that this happened. It was SERENDIPITOUS but absolutely meant to happen for all of us! Even Brady loves him and they have become fast friends!