East Coast Sunrises & Sunsets

It’s amazing how the same sky can have limitless colors depending upon the number of clouds, the time of day and the height of the sun or moon. The picture above and below were both taken last October on different days at sunset on Mount Desert Island in Maine in the exact same spot. In the photo above the sun had already sunk below the horizon and for every five minutes that passed the sky became more vibrant orange. It was truly amazing! The shot below was taken about 10 minutes before the sun set on a different night.

Below is a picture of the “Snow Moon” as it was rising over the Cape Cod Canal behind the Sagamore Bridge. The moon was actually a vibrant orange and huge. It cast an unbelievable bluish purple color across the sky.

These three pictures are all taken at sunrise over the Cape Cod Canal in Massachusetts looking at the Sagamore Bridge. 

The variation in color in the three skies is just amazing! We really do see some beautiful  sunrises and sunsets on the east coast. 
I can’t attest to everywhere else but on a consistent basis I must say the skies here will never disappoint you!