Monday Memories – 3/5/12

Looking Back at the past week…
1) I wish I had….. been able to go to dinner with my daughter.
2) I made….. several sales this week.
3) My dogs….. are crashed on the floor!
4) I’m grateful….. my checkbook balanced the first time!
5) To relax….. I soaked in the hot tub as much as possible as long as possible!
6) My husband….. is sound a sleep on the couch and snoring up a storm!
7) I was happy….. we booked a trip to St. Martin!
8) I have a feeling of accomplishment….. because I cleaned my house totally!
9) I spent too much….. time cleaning my house but am glad I did!
10) I took time to….. pay my bills for the whole month!
And I look forward to….. my trip in a couple of weeks! J