MacKillop’s Bakery the Best Meat Pies Anywhere – Sandwich Massachusetts

On Cape Cod in the Town of Sandwich is a little bakery called MacKillop’s on Route 130 headed towards the Town of Mashpee. 

Sandra Smith is the owner and the bakery is actually in the front of her house. She with the help of her friend Ellen both very friendly, sell the typical delicious baked goodies, which are absolutely delicious. 
My favorites are enormous cinnamon rolls and lemon cake. I always stop in on Friday mornings for coffee and a sweet after dropping my dogs off at doggie daycare.
But what is beyond phenomenal and probably the BEST I have ever had anywhere are her MEAT pies. She makes Shepherds Pie, Beef Marsala Pie, Pork Marsala Pie, and Chicken Pot Pie. They come in two sizes, large and small. The large is $15.00 and feeds 4 people. The small is $8.00 and sufficiently feeds 2 people. 

Sandra simmers the meat and fixings all day long. It literally is a home cooked meal. I always have two in my freezer at all times. When in a pinch I pull one out frozen, throw it in the oven at 400 degrees and cook it for an hour. HEAVEN on a plate!!! I cannot emphasize enough how it is well worth the stop and stocking up on a couple of pies. But let me warn you it must be early because she sells out of them fast and does not mass-produce them. So they sell quickly!!! MacKillop’s Bakery in Sandwich the best meat pies anywhere!!!