Monday Memories – 2/27/12

Town Neck, Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Looking Back at the past week… 
1) I wish I had….. not had that second piece of birthday cake! 
2) I made….. several sales from my new website.
3) My dogs….. went for many walks during the week.
4) I’m grateful….. we may be going on a vacation after all.
5) To relax….. I took a nap.
6) My husband….. made the bed one morning!
7) I was happy….. hubby and I went out for Sunday breakfast
8) I have a feeling of accomplishment….. I launched my new website this week.
9) I spent too much….. energy worrying about things!
10) I took time to….. celebrate my son’s 25th birthday!
And I look forward to….. having lunch with an old girlfriend of mine this week!

Sandwich Boardwalk, Cape Cod, Massachusetts