OUR WORD VIEW – Word of the Week = STRENGTH

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2/26/12 Word of the Week = Strength

Sagamore Bridge, Cape Cod Canal, Massachusetts
Living on Cape Cod we only have two sources of access to and from the Cape, the Sagamore Bridge and the Bourne Bridge. During the summer months beginning with Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day the amount of traffic/weight these bridges carries is unimaginable. The Sagamore Bridge and Bourne Bridge were both finished in 1935. I can assure you when these bridges were built the engineers never imagined that vehicles would be so large and the traffic so heavy. The strength that these two bridges have is astounding to carry the loads that they do. Rest assured the Army Corp of Engineers routinely maintain both. I do not believe a Fall/Winter goes by that one of the two bridges is not being worked on. Which although an inconvenience given the fact that they are our only means to get onto the Cape should make us feel better!

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