In The Picture – Self Portrait Project – 2/17/12 Theme "Write On"


I am participating in a project with my Blogger friend “Urban Muser” and other participants in which each month we post different self portraits. The project is called “In The Picture”. We set our own personal goal for the number of pictures within a year we are going to take. I am aiming for “52” or “1” per week. She will post a new area of the body, subject or theme to focus on the first Friday of each month and then we Link up our pictures with everyone else on the last Friday of the each month. This will be a challenge and fun as I find taking a picture of myself has always been uncomfortable! Anyone else who might feel inclined to join the project (it’s free) can go to the following link for details: Urban Muser Blog – “In The Picture”

FEBRUARY 2012 – THEME #2 – “WRITE ON” – To use some words in your self portrait either literally right on my body or by adding text to my photo during post-processing, share a message, a word, or a quote that means something to you!

I would like to say that I always do or start things with my “Eyes wide open” but more often I generally just “leap in head first”. My husband has always been the planner in our relationship and I am the one who just plunges ahead and sees where the chips may land. It has always driven him crazy! I do go through life with my “Eyes wide open” but as they say I think much of the time I am looking through rose covered lens!