How life throws you curve balls!

Today was a nice snowy, lazy day in front of the fire. I had all intentions of spending the day doing nothing but editing pictures and working on my new website. I was hanging out in my jammies coffee in hand and my son was visiting when his cell phone rang. I could tell by his voice something was wrong. As it turns out his girlfriend had fallen down an outside flight of stairs. Bad enough but Becky is 4 months pregnant. Off to the hospital we went! Thank god the baby seems to be okay. The heart beat is strong and the baby is moving around like crazy. Becky on the other hand is in a lot of pain. She dropped 13 or so stairs and in an effort not to shoot through the railing and off the stairs entirely as she was dropping she wrapped her leg around the post. As a result she put most of the impact on her hip and back. Fortunately nothing is broken but she has a bruise the size of a basketball on her hip, can’t sit and is in considerable pain! I am leaving now as they are going to keep her and monitor the baby for several more hours just to be safe. Hopefully no more curve balls today just some snowballs. Please!