A Bar Harbor Park

Acadia National Park

When my husband and I came upon this park in Bar Harbor last fall it struck me that whoever designed it must have given thought to the impact of the color and the reflection in the water. The color combinations and the reflection were incredible as seen in these pictures. This was not a new garden but had many very mature plants. To think that someone had the forethought to plan that far ahead and know the impact the combinations would have is astounding to me. As a gardener I have set up a large garden and tried to give thought to consistency, bloom time, height, color etc. It can be daunting given a big enough area. At least with flowers you can easily move them around. Not so with shrubs and trees. They do not take well to being moved often and you are lucky when they take after being moved at all! This small garden popped up out of nowhere at the intersection of two roads. It was a nice little surprise in an area that is renown for it’s beautiful coastline!

Bar Harbor Maine