Looking Back at the past week…..

1) I wish I had….. spent more time relaxing.

2) I made….. a big pan of baked ziti with sausage and hamburg.

3) My dogs….. both got Kennel Cough from doggie daycare.

4) I’m grateful….. my husband doesn’t expect me to cook every night!

5) To relax….. I soaked in my hot tub at night under the stars.

6) My husband….. drove me out on to Sandy Neck beach so I could take pictures.

7) I was happy….. it was lighter as I drove home from work each day.

8) I have a feeling of accomplishment….. because I designed and setup a new web page.

9) I spent too much….. time working.

10) I took time to….. balance my checkbook.

And I look forward to….. Valentine’s Day.