The Cottage Life

Duxbury Beach, Massachusetts (Texture by Kim Klassen – Phoebe)

 As we accessed Duxbury Beach via the Town of Marshfield as we were entering the  beach the last cottage on the left was the house above. There was something about this cottage that was so reminiscent of something straight from the late 1800s or early 1900s that really appealed to me. I love old cottages. Growing up my family had a cottage on Lake Huron in Canada that was built in the early 1900s. Nothing was ever done to remodel it and the furnishings inside were all original. My parents sold the cottage with most of the furnishings in it! By todays standards they would be antiques and probably worth a fortune. I have wonderful memories of that cottage when I was a kid. We would go up there every weekend year round and spend the entire summer there. Even when the snow reached the rafters we would trek there! This cottage reminds me of how wonderful having a place to romp around in a wet suit with sand on your feet and no cares in the world can be! If only every child had that opportunity!

Powder Point Bridge, Duxbury, Massachusetts