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A collaborative BLOG between two friends (me and my friend Barbara Pagnotti) who’s paths were separated for 20 years and have found one another once again online. Both share a love of the ocean, nature and of course photography! A fondness for inspirational sayings has sparked this project. Each Sunday we will post the “WORD OF THE WEEK” and our individual interpretation of the word via two separate photos on our blog “OUR WORD VIEW”! Please feel free to link up a photo with your interpretation of the “WORD OF THE WEEK” with the “LINK UP” button. If linking to a blog we would prefer you link to the Post the photo is in and not the Home page. Join our FLICKR group and add your photo interpretation of the word and join in the discussion! 
Our Word View – FLICKR

1/29/12 Word of the Week = LOVE

Of course when I hear the word love I immediately think of my husband Michael. Over 21 years ago Michael married a single mother with two little children ages 2 and 4. I was four years older than him. He committed himself to me and our kids, raised them as his own and has been an incredible husband and father ever since. We were so lucky he came into our lives! When you hear the word “Soul Mate” and you think, “that’s so corny” I can tell you truly that he is my “soul mate”. My life would not be complete without him. We think and say things at the same time – often. I am happy just spending time with him! We don’t have to be immersed in constant conversation it is just being with him! Still after all this time l love him so!
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