The Pull of the Garden!

The pull of my garden and the itch to get back in the dirt is calling to me once again!  It happens every several days at this time of year! With the temperatures being as mild as they have this winter the call of the garden has been very strong! One day it is 30 degrees and the next five days its in the mid 40s to 50s. Such a strange weather pattern. But I’ll take it as we’ve been saving a lot of money on the heating bill! We have a green house and I would love to start some lettuce in there soon. With the temperatures we’re having that would not be a problem and I wouldn’t even have to run any heat! My husband generally is the vegetable grower and I am the flower gardener. He has a big vegetable garden he plants each year in our backyard. The seed and plant catalogs have already started arriving in the mail! But to hold you over for the interim here are some pictures for your enjoyment!