Another Passion – Bird Watching

Amongst all my other past times watching birds is another I can add to the list. I’m not sure what it is but I could sit and watch them for hours! I am especially drawn to Cardinals and Chickadees. I find them both so colorful and vibrant in their own right. Chickadees seem to be around mostly in the winter and Cardinals all year round. However I find Cardinals extremely skittish. If they see the slightest bit of movement they’re gone. I have to be very sneaky in order to get their picture. 

Chickadees are much more brave. In fact I can almost walk up to the feeder to fill it before they fly away. The sparrows in our area are exceedingly fat. I’m not sure if they monopolize all the food but they sure look it! 

And the Tufted Titmouse seems to abound in our area! We have so many of them! Another little hobby to keep me preoccupied – bird watching!