Time to Book a Flight to Somewhere Warm

Every year at just about this time my husband starts to get the wanderlust for warmer climates. He starts trolling all the various “Special” “Bargain” vacation websites. I get inundated with emails and phone calls from him with various options of places to go, methods of travel etc… This year thus far the choices have been; a Caribbean Cruise, an all-inclusive Hotel in the Mexican Rivera, rent a house in Florida etc… We have had some wonderful vacations over the years and it makes it very difficult every winter not to want to escape away in February or March. It gives us something to look forward to after Christmas and when we get back there is only a couple more weeks left before spring sets in.

Two years ago we went to a brand new all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic. It had just opened. It was an adult only hotel resort, which if I offend anyone by saying, now that my children are grown this was an added bonus, then I’m sorry to offend you! I have to say I have never been so pampered in my life. 
I totally decompressed for seven days. I gained at least five pounds from all the food and drink. The sand was almost white and the water was so warm. The pool had a swim up bar and was a lazy river pool. It meandered through the whole complex and had a slow current in it. If you were on a float you could simply lay on it, drink in hand and eventually be pulled through and around the entire complex and back to your room. Did you hear me say heaven?
Our room was on the ground floor. There was a patio with an outside hot tub, which was secluded, a patch of grass, which we put our lawn chairs on and then the pool. It was like our own little back yard.
Swim up bar

We were steps away from the bar and the dining room. Did I already say heaven? I could not tell you one thing about the Island because we did not leave the resort nor did we have any desire to.

Lazy River Pool
And now looking back at my pictures I believe I am beginning to get wanderlust for warmer climates. I think I will just have to troll some travel websites myself!
Oh my gosh we look so happy and rested… time to book a flight & room!